Canopy Tour

Fly through the trees, walk among the branches in  "ewok" style ladders, platforms and wires, gain a new perspective on the life of a tropical tropical forest.

Costa Rica is well known for its contribution to the world of ziplines. The magnificent trees that are found in these forest provide the support necessary to anchor networks of cables to safely traverse almost effortlessly through the forest. El Santuario is a local provider that has taken all of the history of canopy tours and used the knowledge to construct a state of the art project. Their tour features one of the longest zip line in the Central America. Their emphasis on safety is commendable, but you won't notice it due to the friendly mannerisms of their professional guides.

The property is located only about 20 minutes from the Beach Camp. Our personal relationship with the owners gets you in the back door. Rather than having to come in a van all the way from Manuel Antonio, you can go directly to the property. The torur lasts about 3-4 hours and includes a delicious typical lunch. There are a couple of trips per day, the early trip allows you to combine the canopy tour with a visit to Manuel Antoni, whereas the later trip lets you sleep in a bit longer or enjoy a beach stroll before your adventure begins.