An adventure to Remember

Explore the rainforest, enjoy amazing vistas, cross a huge suspension bridge, learn about Costa Rica culture, and try a delicious fire cooked meal...all in one day!

 A Jewel in the Rough

The Aqua hike was created to share the jewel of Quebrada Arroyo with Rafiki guests. The stream ecosystem of Quebrada Arroyo is fed by underground springs and cascades into the Savegre Valley through a series of gorgeous waterfalls. The people of the small village of Quebrada Arroyo have realized the beauty of this place and converted their focus from agriculture to ecotourism. Their project is called Los Campesinos. As a cooperative, they have constructed an infrastucture to host guests amist one of the largest waterfalls of the stream and have created a trail system to fully enjoy their little paradise. The aqua hike allows Rafiki to intergrate into their project and explore some fantastic natural history that the area offers.


What you will need...

Hiking Boots

shoes with good grip

Water shoes

Something that can get wet!

Small backpack

For a change of clothes and to bring back vanilla!


with lots of memory!


and bug spray

From the lodge to the trail...

The Aqua hike starts at the Savegre River. You will ferry the river with whitewater rafts to arrive at at the trailhead of our new private trail. A steep but relatively short hike up a jungle trail will take you to a breath taking look out. You will get a great view of the Savegre Valley and the Pacific Ocean. This perch is a wonderful place take in the fresh mountain air.

To the water!

After a short break, you will make your way down to the stream of Quebrada Arroyo. Quebrada Arroyo is home to some extremely rare poison dart frogs. Two species are found here that have rarely been seen in our region. Searching for them is fun, and once we find one, you will have a chance to get some great pictures! You will continue upstream, watching Basicilus lizards run on water, and chatting about the flora and fauna along the way. You will eventually make it to an impressive 120 foot waterfall offering a great swimming hole.


Next, it is up to Los Camesinos for lunch. Your morning will be rewarded with a delicious fire cooked meal. After lunch, you will walk across a 340 ft long suspsension bridge.You will explore what was once a spice farm, explore Los Campesinos trails searching for squirrel monkeys and other animals that might be in the area. The trip ends with a 4x4 drive back down to the Saverge... Strong hikers are welcome to walk back, it is about 3 kilometers to the Savegre, or 8 kilometers back to the lodge!

A bit about your journey...

The aqua hike is not demanding, but it will take you about 6 hours. The guides have a ton of knowledge of the area and will teach you all about the natural history of a lowland tropical forest.